Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fouled Out is the first in my new mystery series featuring Gale Hightower, a seasoned  reporter with a fondness for her vintage Corvette, drinking scotch, and breaking rules that need to be broken. Not always in that order.
The story begins in a bucolic college town in the mountains of Virginia, where basketball player Connor Braxton is on trial for brutally killing his girlfriend and a teammate. Gale is sent by her editor to cover the story against her will. Soon, though, Gale becomes determined to get justice for a man she despises - something about a rich college athlete facing the death penalty with only a crappy lawyer at his side just smells fishy to her. (And despite all her years as a swimmer, Gale really doesn’t like fish.) She discovers that what appeared to be a grisly lovers’ quarrel is really something much more sinister with broad implications for all of college basketball. In the process she ends up with some strange bedfellows - a three-legged pit bull, a racist Southern belle, and a wheelchair- bound head coach among them - and learns firsthand how far some people will go to win, both on the court and off.​
I am not sure if I will self publish (maybe in a serial format) or seek a publisher. But I will get the story out there because it is yearning to be free.

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