Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Probably Shouldn't Write This....

I probably shouldn’t write this post, but I’m not reading what I’m feeling anywhere. And writers need courage to be any good. There is a quote that The Sun magazine uses to explain its editorial policy and it goes something like this: “You can’t shine a light on something without burning.” I love The Sun, so out of respect, here goes.

I do judge political candidates by their religion. I judge them by everything they believe in. I find it strange that I am upbraided for this stance by almost everyone opining on this subject in the media.
I have friends who have left a church, partially because of the church’s views on women and their proper place in the home. I do not want a president who is a member of a church whose teachings are offensive to my rights in this country. If you are a member of a group, I assume you agree witht he group. If not, enlighten me. Talk about it. Don't just hate me for asking.

If you do not believe what your church says, leave the church. If your church is split, denounce those parts you disagree with. If your church has a history of excluding African-Americans, tell me that you think that is wrong. People make mistakes. Churches make mistakes. But you cannot be silent and then accuse me of being anti-religious because I want answers about the connection between what your church says and what you will do.
Religion is not sacred, if you’ll pardon the irony. If a candidate is going to use his or her beliefs to limit my rights, I will withhold my vote.

Why can’t we talk about that?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I was in the basement beer/bike room the other day and felt the pull to get back on my bike. I haven't ridden in over a year for a whole host of reasons, mostly because I was (and still am) devoting most of my exercise time and energy to swimming.

But with the gorgeous weather we've been having, I decided to go for a short ride just for the fun of it. And it was fun. I love my bike. It fits me like a glove, and it handles like a dream. And I'm a good cyclist. Plus I have a book planned about a murder in a cross country cycling race, so I need to keep my hand in. Or butt, as the case may be.

It wasn't long, though, before I remembered another reason why I hung up my helmet. My joy at pedaling was marred by the behavior of the cars I have to share the road with. Well, that's not fair. It's the drivers, not the cars.

Regardless of your bumper stickers, type of car (I'm talking about you, Prius drivers), or even the fact a car has a BIKE ON ITS ROOF, I don't know if you will give me an inch on the road or not.

However, I think I've figured it out. Whether you care about endangering a fellow human being or not comes down to whether you are too busy to have brain space to spare to notice the world around you.

I'm not saying the drivers who nearly brush me don't see me, I’m just saying they don’t process me.

And yeah, I know cyclists can behave badly too. But you know what? I DON"T CARE. Really, because who has the bigger obligation to behave? The person on 17 pounds of metal or the person in 2,000 pounds of metal? Yes, cyclists should be good citizens of the road too. But CARS CAN KILL YOU. All this focus on getting cyclists to be good citizens just gives drivers an out.

I’ll go out for a ride again, but I will make sure I am riding defensively.

People are too busy.

Sorry for all the yelling.