Friday, January 20, 2012

16 Thoughts about 16 Legs

As almost everyone who knows me has heard, my friend Stacey Evans and I drove three dogs from Virginia to Colorado for a chance at a better life. Pooch, one of the dogs we took, is pictured above. Sadie and Sasha, my former foster dogs, also came on the trip. Pooch and Sadie (renamed Sally) are doing great at the Longmont Humane Society and Sasha is already adopted.

It was a whirlwind trip - 3,500 miles in five days. It seems like most of those miles were in Kansas, so a lot of my sixteen thoughts are about Kansas. As for the sixteen legs part of this post's title? That's the number of actual legs in the car for the trip out - three dogs plus two people have 16 legs, at least by my math.
Anyway, here are those 16 thoughts in no particular order:

1) This trip would have been much harder without Stacey's iPhone.
2) This trip would have been much harder without Stacey. The driving would have been fine, but wrangling three dogs and two crates in and out of motel rooms on my own might have been nigh impossible.
3) McDonald's egg biscuits rock.
4) Driving in the dark in Kansas is nice. The roads are straight.
5) Sasha's smile looks like her ugly face which looks like a sneeze.
6) You can get attached to a dog very quickly.
7) Going from 16 to four legs was incredibly hard.
8) Even when you don't look or act like a lady, men at a truck stop in Kansas will hold the door for you.
9) It is uphill to Denver.
10)Always buy what catches your attention at the Colorado Gifts truck stop.
11) Kansas is not as flat as I thought.
12) Beer tastes really good after you check into a motel at midnight.
13) The Mississippi River just looks like it has stories to tell.
14) Driving 3,500 miles is easier than real life.
15) Don't feed dogs breakfast before they get in the car; but make up for it with yummy dinners.
16) I'd do it again in a heartbeat.